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A.H., MD, Client since 2019

When coming to the end of my Fellowship, I found myself feeling extremely nervous having to deal with new contracts, and not understanding the legal aspects seemed daunting and frightening to me. Dr. Hadian was very helpful in reviewing my contracts, and explaining all the details to me in a way I could understand. She asked me specific questions like: “What do you want from a job?, What are your career goals” and then she helped me refine my accepting criteria and develop negotiation strategy.

Dr Hadian motivated me to apply for several job opportunities that I thought would have been out of reach, and in particular she helped me with a job interview planning strategy that turned out to be very successful for me.  She inspired me to negotiate and renegotiate certain parts of my contract in a very delicate way until I got what I wanted. I am very satisfied with the contract I signed as my first job out of fellowship, which has put me on a right track to hopefully achieve my career goal.

I found Dr Hadian to be an extremely knowledgeable and skilled healthcare attorney, with exceptional knowledge of post-graduate medical education always reachable and responsive to my inquiries, very professional, and respectful of her clients’ timeline. She even offered me a payment plan for her attorney fees that really helped me tremendously, while I got an incredible value out of her advice and insights upfront. 

I strongly recommend Dr Hadian to all other doctors and healthcare professionals, especially trainee doctors out of  fellowship and residency programs who are looking for their first job.

A.H., MD, Client since 2017

I owe my professional life to Dr. Hadian who is an outstanding physician and lawyer. What makes her an exceptional choice for her clients are not only her academic achievements, which very few people in the fields of medicine and law can achieve, but her distinguished knowledge of all the practical aspects, ups and downs and the internal politics of both fields. 

I was facing problems with my residency program and had been systematically mistreated and discriminated against without even realizing it until it was too late. I almost lost everything that I had worked so long and so hard for.  I had been forced to resign from the program, while I had only a few months left to graduate and had been already accepted to a fellowship, which I couldn’t pursue anymore. It was devastating.

Dr. Hadian helped me to get back on my feet again and told me to hold my head high and keep my chin up. She listened and she diagnosed the problem so quickly and told me what the remedy was and how to go about it. With her help I was accepted to another residency and finished my training, which was almost impossible to do under my circumstance. I was able to finish my residency with great evaluations, pass my board exam with flying colors, get my license to practice medicine and secure a fellowship position again, which I am about to start. 

During this long and very dark time of my life, her support and availability were beyond what words can express. She always reminded me of the light at the end of the tunnel and put everything in perspective. Her superb judgment, her unparalleled analytical skills, and exceptional knowledge of healthcare law, medical education and residency programs are all extraordinary; believe me as I had tried different lawyers and law firms before. Her perseverance keeps you going and, at the same time, she is so clear regarding what you should expect and does not give you any false hopes.


If you are reading these lines, don’t wait any longer. Do yourself a favor and get her involved in your case. 

N.B., MD, MS, Client since 2017

Dr Hadian is a unique combination of two rarities, a brilliant Attorney and a top Physician!  Being an experienced physician and an expert in medical education herself, she has a very good understanding of hospital politics, and the problems a doctor may face at work or in training. This makes her different from any other attorney, and an exceptional resource for any physician.

I am currently in a wrongful termination case against a hospital. When I spoke to Dr Hadian about my case, she completely understood what had happened to me, and how and why I had been wronged.  I felt relieved to have finally found an attorney, who I didn’t need to educate about the healthcare system, and the standards of medical care. She elaborated my case better than me or anyone else could ever do in her brief, which was tremendously helpful to my case. I have found so much peace of mind since I retained Dr Hadian as my Primary Care Lawyer.  My only regret is that I didn’t know her earlier, to save myself all the troubles that I am going through right now.

Dr Hadian is a knowledgeable, efficient and passionate attorney and a zealous advocate for her clients. She is modest, kind and responsive.  She is not only a great attorney but a noble human being.  She is also an expert in Healthcare Law and medical education. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr Hadian to any Physician out there.  I wish there were more attorneys like her, as no physician should go through their residency programs training and/or career track without having access to such a resource.

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